Smash Clay Audio

Blind accessibility and audio in video games

Video Transcript:

2D Tower Defense Unity Demo. Sound design was implemented with Wwise events, Unity AudioSources, and C# parameters. Blind accessibility includes screen reader use, keyboard accessibility, and stereo panning. Enjoy!

I used the “Tower Defense 2D 0.9.2” Unity package to show how a tower defense game could be blind-accessible. I added text-to-speech audio files for important play information (e.g. tower selection, number of remaining gold). I also added full keyboard control, since the original Unity package was mouse-only. Because the Unity package had no scripted audio cues, I wrote all the C# cues for the Unity AudioClips and Wwise events. And since I was focused on accessibility and C#, most of the audio came from sound libraries (except the themes and javelineer goblins). Here is a quick playthrough.

Adriane Kuzminski, Smash Clay Audio
Game Audio and Accessibility, [email protected]