Game Accessibility Communities:

AbleGamers @ablegamers
A charity aiming to improve the overall quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games

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A Practical Guide to Game Accessibility

Special Effect @specialeffect
A charity enabling anyone, whatever their physical disability, to enjoy video games and leisure technology

An IGDA special interest group that shares and communicates issues and solutions related to game accessibility

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A top ten accessibility feature list

Game Accessibility Guidelines @ianhamilton_
A straightforward reference for inclusive game design created by Ian Hamilton

Unstoppable Gamer @UnstoppableAG
The Web’s #1 Site for Gamers with Disabilities

AppleVis @AppleVis
Empowering blind and low-vision users of Apple products and related products @AudioGamesNet
A community portal for audio games @superblindman
Gaming, Programming and Stories

a11ynyc @a11ynyc
An accessible design group that meets regularly in NYC

The leading game journalism site for disabled gamers featuring disability game reviews and perspectives on game accessibility

Accessible Games @AccessibleGames
Games for Absolutely Everyone

DIYAbility @diyability
Where MacGyver meetsAssistive Technology

Audio Communities:

Designing Sound @designingsound
Art and Technique of Sound Design

A Sound Effect @asoundeffect
The place for independent sound effects

World Game Audio Groups
A Google Map of game audio meetups created by Damian Kastbauer

AES @AESorg @aesgames
The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology

IASIG @iasig
Brings together developers of audio software, hardware, and content to produce research reports and recommended practices

GANG @audiogang
Your global game audio community – without borders, without limits, and without exclusion.

Game Audio Denizens
The place to share audio news and talk audio shop

School of Video Game Audio @SchoolGameAudio
Learn game audio online with professional training & mentorship in Wwise, FMOD Studio, Unity3D, UE4 & PureData.

Video Game Music Academy @VGMAcademy
Brings great content and resources to aspiring video game composers

Game Audio Podcasts:

The Game Audio Podcast @gameaudiopodcst
Everything Game Audio

Beards, Cats And Indie Game Audio @mattesque @AShellinthePit
A monthly podcast covering game audio development for indie games.

Game Audio Hour @gameaudiohour
All Things Game Audio

Tonebenders Podcast @TheTonebenders
Sound Design Podcast talking about the wide and varied world of audio post production for moving images.

The Sound Architect @SoundDesignUK
Audio Reviews, Articles & Interviews for Games, Events, Music. You hear it, we review it.

SoundBytes Podcast @soundbytes_p
A podcast about games and audio!