If you’d like to know why I care about blind-accessibility in games, read on
Adriane Kuzminski: a woman with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes

Adriane is a freelance sound designer with a passion for accessibility. This has lead her to work as a sound and dialogue editor for blind-accessible games such as A Hero’s Call, a fantasy RPG, Frequency Missing, a point-and-click adventure, and Earplay, the hands-free, eyes-free interactive audio drama app. She has also served as an accessibility consultant for companies like imitone LLC and The Deep End Games, and she has donated countless hours to interested companies, developers, and individuals looking for initial guidance in their plans to implement accessibility.

To help spread the word about accessibility, she has spoken about blind-accessible sound design at GameSoundCon in Los Angeles and GAConf and CarouselCon in San Francisco. Since she believes the next generation is the key to increased accessibility, she is developing an open educational resource for blind accessibility in game design education with the Game Accessibility Special Interest Group. She has also designed the audio for a blind-accessible tower defense game prototype to show the power of screen reader use/accessible user interfaces, keyboard accessibility, and UX-based audio mixing.

Outside accessibility and sound design, she is an interviewer and editor for A Sound Effect/Soundlister and Designing Sound, a volunteer with The Audio Mentoring Project and AbleGamers, and a Drill Sergeant in the U.S. Army Reserves.

For more information, you can check out her LinkedIn profile, and if you’d like to get in touch, you can email her at adriane (at) smashclay (dot) com or message her on Twitter at @smashclayaudio.