Blind-Accessible Tower Defense Prototype

This project was created to show how tower defense games can be blind accessible. Using the Tower Defense 2D 0.9.2 Unity package and Wwise, this prototype displays important gameplay information through sound effects (e.g. enemies arriving, constant footsteps, progress indicators, confirmations, etc.) that are stereo panned, as well as verbal descriptions (e.g. spoken menus, tower and defender selection, remaining gold and enemies, etc.) and music that has been mixed so as to not muddle gameplay information. Since the original demo was mouse-only, this demo is keyboard accessible using the arrow keys and a limited number of keyboard shortcuts for straightforward memorization.

*video for this prototype is in the works*

vaei was designed during the Design Ethics Studio led by Oscar Murillo at the University of Washington. For this project, we envisioned what driving will look like in 10-15 years when cars will reach higher autonomy levels, but people will still need to pass their driver’s tests to get behind the wheel. After conducting a harms assessment and value tension analysis, we designed a system that trains new drivers using semi-autonomous safety features and guides them through a Voice User Interface.

Screen show CoverMe app


CoverMe was designed during Ideation Studio led by Scott Ichikawa and Dr. Jaime Snyder in the MHCI+D program. My team explored the often forgotten mental health challenges that restaurant servers face and used research probes to understand these stresses and challenges. In the end we designed a scheduling app for small and large screens to help streamline the shift-swapping process and keep everyone in the restaurant informed. For more information, my teammate Shian Yang wrote a beautifully detailed case study about this project on her website.

Remembering Edie Sedgwick

This is a segment I created for the documentary Danny Says by director Brendon Toller. In this clip, music publicist Danny Fields commemorates his experiences knowing ’60s socialite Edie Sedgwick. To create this segment, I researched Edie’s life and the experiences Danny mentions, gathered footage and photos from those times, and edited the images in a way that would complement Danny’s eulogy and show respect to Edie’s short but potent life.

Rudolf Müller: The Price of His Family’s Freedom

This project began as an editing assignment for the Advanced Film Editing course led by Bill Anderson at Emerson College, but as I learned more about Rudolf Müller’s life it turned into a passion project. Müller and his family were tragically separated when the Berlin Wall suddenly went up while he was in West Berlin. In order to save his family, he had the daring idea to dig a tunnel beneath the Wall to help them escape – but not everything went as planned. Footage for this project came from raw footage for PBS’s The Wall – A World Divided and videos of other documentaries. Except for the male English voiceover for Müller, this was a personal post production project, including the voiceover, After Effects sequences, and additional music.

…and more to come soon