Here is a list of articles about blind-accessibility by academics, gamers, journalists, and advocates.

Academic Research and Blogs:


Farnell, Andy. Designing Sound. Print. MIT Press, 2010.

University Theses

Huiberts, Sanders. Captivating Sound: The Role of Audio for Immersion Computer Games. Diss. Utrecht School of the Arts, 2010. Available from (56067990)

Östblad, Per Anders. Audio-navigation: What are the benefits of utilising diegetic spatial audio in audio-navigation software? MA thesis. University of Skvöde, 2012. Available from (diva2:543044)

Randelshofer, Stefan. Interaktive Soundscapes in Videospielen. MA thesis. The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, 2009. Available from

Åsén, Rickard. Game Audio in Audio Games. BA thesis. Dalarna University, 2013. Available from


Brandon Cole
Ian Hamilton
Sightless Kombat
Out of Sight Games
PCS Games

Blind-Accessibility in the Media:


“Accessible Gameplay for Blind and Sighted Players – An Interview with Per Anders Östblad” (2016)
Adriane Kuzminski interviews Per Anders Östblad for Designing Sound

“Killer Instinct and Accessibility: Interview with Xavier Quintero” (2016)
Brian Conklin interviews Xavier Quintero for UnstoppableGamer

“Audio Games For Charity: A Q&A with James Kyle About Audiogame Jam” (2016)
Adriane Kuzminski interviews James Kyle for A Sound Effect

“Meet the blind gamer with a Killer Instinct” (2016)
Wesley Yin-Poole interviews Sightless Kombat for Eurogamer

“Killer Insight: Sightless Kombat” (2016)
Alex Jebailey interviews Sightless Kombat for Ultra Combo

“Turn Off the Screen, an Initiative For Blind Players” (2015)
Brian Conklin interviews Seori Sachs for UnstoppableGamer


“Playing roguelikes when you can’t see” (2017)
by Kent Sutherland for Rock Paper Shotgun

“Visual disabilities and sound in media: how sonic technologies can improve everyone’s life” (2016)
by Wilfried Nass for Designing Sound

“Vision Without Sight: A Game Development Odyssey” (2015)
by Jason Joseph for PopOptiq

“Games for the blind: making mobile fun accessible to everyone” (2015)
by James ‘DexX’ Dominguez for The Sydney Morning Herald

“Blind Gamers Are Embracing Developers Who Have an Eye for Accessibility” (2015)
by Shaun Musgrave for TouchArcade

“Apple’s Award-Winning Accessibility Features Help Bring Gaming to the Blind on iOS” (2015)
by Mitchel Broussard for MacRumors

“Barriers breaking down for disabled videogamers” (2015)
by Alex Frazer-Harrison for The Calgary Herald

“Lab Zero Games’ Mike ‘Mike Z’ Zaimont Updates Skullgirls Encore to Enhance Accessibility for Blind Players” (2014)
by Jason Yang for Shoryuken

“A Blind Legend Finds Crowdfunding Success” (2014)
by Marcus Estrada for Hard Core Gamer

“Injustice: Gods Among Us Now Includes Accessibility Mode” (2014)
by LetMeGetToACheckpoint for Game Informer Member Blogs

“A Look Into Developing Injustice’s Accessibility Mode” (2014)
by Robert Kingett for The Noobist

“A Blind Legend, an All Audio Video Game” (2014)
by Allison Meier for GOOD Magazine

“Video games which open the door for the blind to play” (2014)
by Jordan Erica Webber for The Guardian

“5 Things We Learned About Developing An iOS Game for Blind Players” (2013)
by Dianne Hughes, featured on Gamasutra

“Blind Games: The Next Battleground in Accessibility” (2013)
by Richard Moss for Polygon

“A Video Game That You Can’t Even See” (2013)
by Laura Parker for The New Yorker

“Making Ear Monsters: Developing a 3D Audio Game” (2013)
by Brian Schmidt, featured on Gamasutra

“Ear Monsters: A New Breed of Audio (Video) Game” (2013)
by Blair Jackson for MixOnline

“Shining in the Darkness” (2012)
by Jason Johnson for Kill Screen

“How the Blind Are Reinventing the iPhone” (2012)
by Liat Kornowski for The Atlantic

“The Best Film of the Year Didn’t Need Talking. Do Video Games Need Graphics?” (2012)
by Kirk Hamilton for Kotaku

“Meet The Fifth-Grader Who Made A Video Game For His Blind Grandmother” (2012)
by Jason Schreier for Kotaku

“How a Blind Player Improved Our Game” (2012)
by Ameron (Derek Myers) for Dungeon

“How a Blind Gamer Plays Zelda by Ear” (2011)
by Jason Schreier for Wired

“Introducing Terry Garrett; a man possessing a gaming achievement better than yours.” (2011)
Oddworld interviews Terry Garrett for Fan Of The Month

“7 days using only keyboard shortcuts: No mouse, no trackpad, no problem?” (2011)
by Kevin Purdy for ITworld

“Blind gamer completes Abe’s Odyssey using hearing and quick save alone”(2011)
by John Brownlee for

“Voice controls let blind gamer ‘hang’ with friends online” (2011)
by Larry Frum for CNN

“Spot On: The blind gaming the blind” (2009)
by Matthew Peters for Gamespot

“Blind gamers get their own titles” (2005)
by Geoff Adams-Spink for BBC News

“Blind computer users are playing by ear” (2005)
by Hiawatha Bray for The Boston Globe

“An upcoming virtual reality game strips away your sight”
by Lewis Gordon for Kill Screen

“Games have basic, huge accessibility problems (that we celebrate)”
by Daniel Starkey for Polygon

“Designing Games That Are Accessible To Everyone”
by Eitan Glinert, featured on Gamasutra

Game Accessibility Websites and Talks:

A Practical Guide to Game Accessibility

A top ten accessibility feature list

Game Accessibility Guidelines
A straightforward reference for inclusive game design

“No More Excuses, Your Guide to Accessible Design”
by Tara Voelker for GDC 2015

“Designing for Gamers with Disabilities”
by Ian Hamilton for PG Connects 2015

“Inclusive Web: Getting started with Accessibility”
by Jonathan Kuperman for EmpireJS 2015

“Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility”
by Thomas Westin, Ian Hamilton, Tara Voelker, and Richard van Tol for GDC 2015

“Blind Life Hacks: Voiceover for iOS”
by Lucy Edwards on her Youtube Channel YesterdaysWishes