Talks, etc.

Conference Talks:

Montreal Indie Games Summit 2018

“Interacting with Sound: Creating Accessible, Engaging Gameplay”

Interacting with Sound: Creating Accessible, Engaging Gameplay

(Download the PowerPoint presentation with the complete notes, hyperlinks, and alt text here.)

GameSoundCon 2017

“Game Audio: Beyond Aesthetics”


(Download the hyperlinked and noted PowerPoint presentation here)

GAconf 2017

“Breaking the Sound Barrier: How Game Audio Can Improve Accessibility”


(Download the slides here)


Two characters stand in front of a black board, the one with a mustache and bow tie points at the words Audio Mentoring. Designing Sound: The Audio Mentoring Project: An Interview with Ariel Gross and Adriane Kuzminski
Rev. Dr. Bradley D Meyer from Designing Sound interviewed me and Ariel Gross about the current state and future of the Audio Mentoring Project.


A man plays a racing game on Xbox 360 wearing Why Now is the Time to Create Accessible Video Games
Tanya Chopp from interviewed me about the role of audio in making games more blind accessible.


The Next Wave of Games Don't Need ScreensVice Waypoint: The Next Wave of Games Don’t Need Screens
Vice Waypoint’s Joseph Knoop interviewed the Earplay team about audio-only games and asked me about blind accessibility in games.



Blind Bargain

Blind Bargains Podcast
Joe Steinkamp, host of the Blind Bargains Podcast, spoke to me and Ian Hamilton about the current state of blind-accessible video games during CSUN 2016.