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“Blind Accessibility – Step One: Get to know your players”
This piece covers the immediate aftermath of the CVAA which has influenced an exciting new role for console screen readers. It also covers some of my MIGS talk about blind gamers you should know and my perspective as a sighted sound designer.

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AUDRIS: The Army Unclassified Doctrine and Regulations Interaction System
This concept was developed for the User Interface Software and Technology course as part of the Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design program at the University of Washington. This concept was inspired by CPT James Tollefson’s piece for the Military Review, “Fixing Army Doctrine: A Network Approach”.

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My First Design Sprint
This piece is an overview of the development of Taste Buds, a design focused on assisting hosts as they schedule potlucks. This projects was developed during the initial five-day workshop of the Master of Human-Interaction and Design program, Immersion Studio, and it was my first exposure to the design world and its processes.

…and more to come soon