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How will people learn to drive when cars are at a higher level of semi-autonomy, but you must still pass a driver’s test to get behind the wheel? For this project for the UW Design Ethics Studio, my team researched current innovations in driving tests, projected vehicle autonomy, and voice user interfaces to design a driver’s training program aided by a helpful personal assistant and semi-autonomous safety features, as well as our harms assessment and value tension analysis.


During the MHCI+D Ideation Studio, my team explored the mental health challenges that restaurant servers face. We used probes and conducted semi-structured interviews to discover that shifts were a top stress for servers and marred by managerial bias and being understaffed. We designed a scheduling app to help streamline the shift-swapping process and keep everyone in the restaurant informed.

Screen show CoverMe app

Taste Buds

The first course of the UW MHCI+D program is Immersion Studio, a five-day design sprint, where we were challenged to design for computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW). My team explored the benefits of social gatherings, and we designed, prototyped and tested an app for helping hosts coordinate potlucks with automated meal plans and recommended recipes for attendees.

Remembering Edie Sedgwick

Danny Says is a documentary by director Brendon Toller about music publicist Danny Fields. I produced and edited this segment in which Danny remembers the late Edie Sedgwick and her short but potent life.

Rudolf Müller: The Price of His Family’s Freedom

This project began as an editing assignment at Emerson College, but it became a passion project as I learned more about Rudolf Müller’s life. Müller was tragically separated from his family when the GDR raised the Berlin Wall. To save his family in East Berlin, he dug a tunnel beneath the Wall to help them escape; however, not everything went as planned. Footage for this project came from unedited footage for PBS’s The Wall – A World Divided and other documentaries. I created and produced all original assets.


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The Audio Mentoring Project: An Interview with Ariel Gross and Adriane Kuzminski

Rev. Dr. Bradley D Meyer from Designing Sound interviewed me and Ariel Gross about the current state and future of the Audio Mentoring Project.

“I hope we are part of a system that allows mentees who feel a little lost to know they are heard and that pathways to their success do exist.”

Design’s limitations in diversity and justice

Zara Abraham began the MHCI+Popculture Podcast to discuss everything from artificial intelligence to Animal Crossing with our cohort. After the murder of George Floyd, Zara invited a group of us to express our thoughts about diversity and inclusion in design. I believe it everyone’s responsibility, especially that of decision makers, to establish work cultures where creatives from diverse backgrounds never feel they are a burden or do not belong. I believe we need to create systems and pathways that lead to unquestionable representation and examine the role of bias in how majority cultures rate talent.

A Sound Effect & Designing Sound

Video interview: the stoic yet charming sound of Bad North with Martin Kvale

Hear from Martin Kvale about designing the sound and music for Bad North and his career in indie games

“Spoopy” and serene—making the sound of Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang’s audio team talk about how they took Minecraft‘s audible world in a new direction while staying true to the vanilla

The innovative and accessible sound design of The Owl Job

Learn about an intriguing escape room designed by Kyle Evans, where only touch and sound will help you survive

Tonebenders reaches a milestone—100 episodes and counting

It’s one of the earliest and longest-running podcasts about audio—René, Tim and Teresa share how the show began and where it’s going

The sound and the Fury—the sound design of Darksiders III

Kenneth Bassham shares how the sound designers at Gunfire Games worked across teams to design Fury’s powerful abilities

Behind the supersonic speeds of GRIP: Combat Evolved

Tavis Wait and Yoshi Gans share how they designed high-tech explosions and the beefy engine sounds of GRIP’s lightning-fast cars

Creating the intricate sounds for The Stanford Virtual Heart

Learn how Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy designed VR audio that helps students and parents understand congenital heart defects

These fascinating new tools let you mix 3D sound directly in VR

Dear Reality’s Christian Sander talks about how the dearVR and Spatial Connect tools allow you mix sound in your DAW directly in VR

Audio mentoring stories—Leonard Paul and Rachel Dziezynski

Leonard and Rachel share their experiences and thoughts as a mentor and mentee paired by the Audio Mentoring Project

From Saint Petersburg to San Francisco—with Daria Novoliantceva

Daria started in music for film, TV and puppet theater in Russia and has traveled across the world to write interactive music in SF

Building the dream work environment at A Shell in the Pit

Gord McGladdery shares how he began his studio in Vancouver and keeps his team happy as he ponders over spreadsheets

Behind the delightfully vintage sound of Cuphead

Sweet Justice co-founder Samuel Justice talks about designing the true Golden-Age animation sound for this punishing game

Behind the whimsical sonic surrealism of Pit People

Hear from Ian Moreno about the fun, collaborative process of designing sound for Pit People with all its enduringly absurd qualities

Behind the Audio Mentoring Project

Ariel Gross introduces The Audio Mentoring Project, which aims to share knowledge across the game audio community through mentorship

A look at CRIWARE with Adam Levenson

Adam Levenson from CRI Middleware talks about about CRI’s champion product and its impressive tools for implementing audio and video

The calm and the chaos—the sound of Dishonored 2

Arkane Studios’ sound team shares how they created the detailed soundscapes of the open-world stealth game Dishonored 2

Behind the delicately balanced sound of Aragaki

Two Feathers Studio’s Nicklas Hjertberg and Elvira Björkman share the secrets behind Aragami’s peaceful yet brutal sound and music

Creating the retro-futuristic sound of Event[0]

Matt Bonneau and Swann Menage talk about the sound of Event[0] and how they brought character to a sentient ship in solitude

Through the Norwegian woods with Dan Wakefield

Antagonist Games’ Dan Wakefield shares how his team weaved Nordic tones and Kittelsen folklore in Through the Woods

Role-playing with sound with Drew Becker

Drew shares his experience creating characters without visual references for the blind-accessible turn-based strategy game A Hero’s Call

Using Your Ears in Sight Unseen with Kedar Shashidhar

Hear from Kedar about developing the immersive ear-lead experience in the blind-accessible horror game Sight Unseen

The sound of war—capturing sounds of humanity in a conflict zone with Ana Monte

Ana Monte talks about recording at Kurdish units, a refugee camp, and the Murambi Genocide Memorial for Picturing War

Accessible gameplay for blind and sighted players with Per Anders Östblad

Per discusses his game Frequency Missing, a point-and-click adventure that can be enjoyed by blind and sighted players alike

Pushing the boundary—a 9-part series about the craft of SFX creation

How have you innovated in field recording? We asked this to the Designing Sound community and received responses from 36 SFX pros

Audio games for charitya Q&A with James Kyle

James Kyle, a Scottish game artist, began the Audiogame Jama 10-day event that encourages developers to make blind-accessible games