Accessibility Researchers & Consultants

AbleGamers Player Panels

AbleGamers Player Panels is a community of players with disabilities who are connected with game companies and other organizations to test games and participate in research and development.

The Accessibility User Research Collective

The Shepherd Center and Microsoft formed the Accessibility User Research Collective (AURC) to engage people with disabilities to help improve the accessibility and usability Microsoft products.


SightlessKombat is a consultant for blind accessibility in games. He wrote about this topic for his fellowship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and has spoken at international and internal conferences.

Brandon Cole

Brandon Cole seeks to bridge the understanding of accessibility between developers and gamers alike through his consultancy work, blog, game streaming, and conference speeches.

Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is a technology and game accessibility consultant. He focuses on game accessibility for PC, console, VR and iOS games – as well as VR hardware and iOS apps – for blind and low vision users.

Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor is a blind video gamer with a passion for creating great content and consulting with developers to improve accessibility for disabled users.


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